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Being overweight is a medical problem.
It requires medical treatment.

Being overweight is a medical problem. It requires medical treatment. There are many professionals that understand different aspects of weight like diet or exercise. But, to comprehensively treat weight, it requires an understanding of all aspects of the individual patient. As experienced primary care physicians, we approach weight loss with a comprehensive view of each patient. Without proper management of other health issues during weight loss, there are significant risks to health. We have seen firsthand patients hospitalized due to incorrect doses of blood pressure or diabetes medications or because of electrolyte imbalances or kidney dysfunction (among others).

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The MyWellness Weight Loss program is an all encompassing approach that includes a structured strategy, a personalized nutrition plan and invaluable support from a team of coaches and physicians.

Four Phase Program

Pure Weight Loss • Lifestyle Building
Follow Up • Maintenance

Real Stories

  • "The extra weight put a real strain on my lungs and knees. Since losing the 30 pounds of weight, I don't have to use my inhaler when I exercise and my knees can now handle my activity."

    Katie 51, - 30 lbs.
  • "I was very unhappy with the way I looked and felt. It hurt walking up stairs or long distances. I truly believe I was successful because I entered the program with the correct mental attitude. I also did the program with my husband, so together along with great coaching and encouragement from our Ideal Protein counselor, we were able to succeed."

    Emma 51, -10 lbs.
  • "I need to have structure and exactness. Ideal Protein tells you exactly what you can (and cannot) eat. The structure of the meal plan is perfect. The weekly weigh­ins kept me accountable."

    Jenny 51, -30 lbs.
  • "I loved the structure of the program. The goals were set early on and the weekly weigh­ins helped me stay on track to achieve those goals. The food was good and didn't make you feel deprived or hungry."

    Lacey 51, -30 lbs.
  • "Simply put, my clothes fit better, I can run further, faster and I look better."

    Jacob 51, -34 lbs.
  • "The program was easy to follow and the results were dramatic and never plateaued."

    Bill 51, -34 lbs.
  • "I have been able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine that I have been using for the past 15 years."

    Joe 51, -34 lbs.